Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Light Project, a starting point.

This is a project that had long we all aspire, as a form of solidarity to the professional photographer or a photographer or anyone who made a living by selling photography services. The lack of formal education in the field of photography is one reason why professional photographers in small towns in general become less skilled, while in general photography workshop held only major cities only.

"One Light Project is a forum for sharing knowledge and skills in the field of photography, the project was formed to explore the potential and capabilities of the professional photographer who is not or has never been a formal photography education."

This project is designed especially for professional photographers, do not imagine Darwis Triadi or Anton Ismael.. :) Wedding Photographer of Nganjuk entered the professional category. Our experience during this when meeting with peers from small towns are technical issues that minimal operation of the camera. Coupled with the current digitalization of photography actually played a role in this, with digital photography we feel everything so easy. The result of a bad photo or mediocre, considered to be solved with the program "Photoshop".

Another agenda of this project is to restore the photographer to "nature" her, a photographer who has the ability to take pictures with good technique even with makeshift equipment. This also eliminates dependence photographer on the "photoshop" or similar software. How can a still photographer can produce good work and good quality photographs even with minimal equipment. In such cases, individual skills are very important and, most importantly how a photographer is able to find a way out of technical problems in the middle of a photocall.

Workshop is the most likely done in this project, because only with our workshop to interact with good and intense with professional photographers who desperately need this project. Workshop One Light Project was made possible by the help of donors and sponsors. In the course of this project will always try to involve professional photographers to share their expertise with peers. Oh yes, our workshop is not about the sophistication of equipment or computer or even on a magic programs, we will take you to the past where the photographer is someone who really controls the camera and make photography as a "way of life".

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